Monday, February 21, 2011

Knowledge Sharing

Let's blog and wiki wiki using David Warlick's, Classroom blogging : a teacher's guide to blogs, wikis & other tools that are shaping a new information landscape. 2nd edition. Raleigh, NC : Landmark Project, c2007.  

Chapters cover the history of blogs -- Teaching, learning    & blogging in the long tail -- Blogs and the blogosphere --   Other new web digital publishing avenues for teachers -- building a professional (or personal) blog -- classroom blogging with class blogmeister -- Podcasting.

Join the conversation and create your own professional weblog using free services. Create an interactive class Wiki site.

A Wiki site of interest to cataloguers RDA link at Wikipedia. 


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome and Introducing RDA

weblog where posts will be one item of current interest.

 Introducing RDA 
Are we there yet?  Almost.
  Cataloguers, metadata librarians, administrators are reading ALA editions, Special report by Chris Oliver, Introducing RDA: a guide to the basics, also known as Introducing Resource Description and Access. Chapters outline clearly, What is RDA - RDA and the international context - FRBR and FRAD in RDA - Continuity with AACR2 - Where do we see changes? - Implementing RDA - Advantages, present and future.

  This is the work with practical advice for cataloguers and library administrators on how to make the transition from the Anglo-American cataloguing rules (AACR) to Resource Description Access (RDA). Practical advice includes how to use the online RDA toolbox and how cataloguers can in workflows use an online sticky note to remind themselves of local decisions on implementation.

  Chris Oliver  joined local experts at a RDA hands-on workshop at OLA Super Conference 2011 February 2-5 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The presentations are posted on the Technical Services Interest Group (TSIG) Wiki.